Sunday, May 17, 2009

it's all russian to me.

zuzana gregorova in russian vogue

well, since my sister introduced herself, i suppose i should do the same...

first off, let me explain the title of our blog. if any of you glorious readers have read shakespeares "the taming of the shrew" (or have seen "10 things i hate about you") you will know that the two lovely sisters are bianca and kate; we stole their names.

i am donna (or bianca- whichever you like) the cool sister.

i'm fifteen going on sixteen, and finishing up my sophmore year of highschool.

i have an intense addiction to nylon magazine.

if i could marry a food, it would be pomegranate pinkberry.

i was put on this earth in order to chug starbucks iced soy chai.

nice to meet you!

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