Sunday, June 21, 2009

new yawk

i spent today in new york city (as i live in a suburb)
and thought i could share with you what i did

first off i walked around fifth avenue with my mom
we stopped by henri bendel to look around
they have the most beautiful selection of headbands and makeup
i ended up getting lipstick queen's chinatown lip gloss pencil
in chase (the bottom one in the picture)
i am in love!

after we were done shopping,
we looked for a good place to eat in hell's kitchen neighborhood
while we were contemplating between a sushi bar on one side of the street
and an indian buffet on the other side,
a colorful resaurant caught my eye.

it was vynl, a really cool diner-style restaurant.
i got a make-your-own omlette with onion, goat cheese and tomato
and although i'm not a huge omlette fan,
it was delicious!
they had really great hash-browns too

then when i went into the bathroom i was in for the biggest surprise...
they had four or five stalls called: dolly, cher, elvis and nelly
i went into the dolly stall, and couldn't help but giggle to myself
on the wall was a dolly parton mosaic and in front of the toilet a dolly parton barbie
and on the speakers dolly's music

all in all, it was a great day
and this has been a very long post!

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