Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I must confess that amidst the infinite fashion and design blogs out on the web, which duplicate and imitate the images found on other blogs and in magazines (ours included, no doubt), I find The Selby to be a breathtakingly honest and unique project to rise to internet stardom. The Selby is so natural, lacking the choreography in the majority of photographs to appear on blogs. Taking real homes, with all their quirks and lack of traditional aesthetics, brings inspiration which is unparalleled. I particularly enjoy the sloppily handwritten "interviews" at the bottom of every new house shoot. The ridiculous questions (asked in Sharpie) complement the personality exposed in the photos in a way that really connects the photographed homes with the readers. I recommend that every fashion and interior design aficionado take the time to browse this phenomenal blog (if you haven't already.) With that said, I wish you all a fantastic filled with white peasant blouses and cutoff shorts paired with weather-inappropriate boots. Read on!

(All images taken from the Selby)

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